Accelerator Services

Full Service Accelerator Management

Get a running head start on launching a new accelerator by partnering with Fluent to design, prep, and manage your accelerator program from start to finish. You provide the capital and workspace, we provide everything else.

  • Program strategy and design
  • Marketing, branding, messaging
  • Recruitment and cohort selection process
  • Mentor recruitment, training, management
  • Founder coaching & workshop modules
  • Demo Day planning
  • Ongoing portfolio management
  • And all of the little logistical details!


Workshops & Founder Coaching

We offer a comprehensive accelerator curriculum that pulls from Design Thinking, Lean Startup Methodology, and Agile to provide real, tactical founder training. Our curriculum & coaching can complement existing accelerator programming or serve as the primary program. We also offer individual workshops to cover topics for which you may not have a local mentor.


  • Lean Startup & Design Thinking
  • Customer Discovery Interviews 101
  • Lean Experiment Design
  • Startup Etiquette
  • Solution Testing
  • Negotiation Skills for Sales
  • Customer Acquisition Testing
  • Pricing & Growth Modeling
  • Back of the Napkin Financial Modeling
  • Lean Financial Modeling
  • Pitch Training and Coaching
Fractional Program Management

Sometimes, you just need a little help. Whether you need short-term assistance with recruiting teams for your application cycle, wrangling mentors or speakers for your program, or planning Demo Day, you need someone who can jump right in and knows what to do. We’re here to help!

  • Program Strategy and design
  • Marketing management
  • Cohort selection process
  • Program scheduling
  • Logistics during the program
  • Community management
  • Communication management
  • Demo Day planning
  • Off-season portfolio management

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Resources for Accelerators

The Machine: Making Customers

The Machine: Making Customers

One of my founders at Velocity Accelerator joked this week that we need t-shirts for our cohort that say “Build the Machine.” I say it so often, in my workshops and coaching sessions, that it has become the mantra of this cohort. I say it so often, because it’s the...

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Startups aren’t businesses. They’re speculations.

Startups aren’t businesses. They’re speculations.

Once a founder is out on the road pitching their business to investors, they often face the harsh reality that the investors are “grading” them based on a set of metrics, milestones, and indicators that help the investor determine if the startup is investable, if it’s a good bet. Meanwhile, the founder has already gone all in — investing all of their time, energy, creativity, and money into their dream.

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The Accelerator Model isn’t dead, but it needs to evolve

The Accelerator Model isn’t dead, but it needs to evolve

The world is moving and changing incredibly fast. Someday, we’ll have as many accelerators in the world as there are currently colleges and universities. As we evolve the accelerator model, I believe this is how we’ll train people to create value in an uncertain and ever-changing world. In order to reach that point, we need to think critically about what currently works and doesn’t about the accelerator model. And then we need to ambitiously embrace experimentation and continuous improvement.

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Introducing Fluent & my 2018 BHAG

Introducing Fluent & my 2018 BHAG

One of the things I love most about working in the startup space is the expectation to always level up and to find the next harder challenge after gaining some mastery at the current level. Having been a founder in an accelerator first, building a startup over the past six years, and then transitioning to managing an accelerator for the past two years, I have a unique point of view on the design and implementation of accelerators.

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I'm Beth McKeon, Director of Fluent.

I help first-time founders build startups like serial entrepreneurs. I do this by designing and running startup accelerator programs, coaching founders, and consulting with innovative organizations around the US. 

After being a nomad for forever (I've moved over 25 times!), I recently settled down in Denver and love it. I hope I never get tired of seeing the mountains off in the distance.

You can reach me at