Accelerator Services

Full Service Accelerator Management

Get a running head start on launching a new accelerator by partnering with Fluent to design, prep, and manage your accelerator program from start to finish. You provide the capital and workspace, we provide everything else.

  • Program strategy and design
  • Marketing, branding, messaging
  • Recruitment and cohort selection process
  • Mentor recruitment, training, management
  • Founder coaching & workshop modules
  • Demo Day planning
  • Ongoing portfolio management
  • And all of the little logistical details!


Workshops & Founder Coaching

We offer a comprehensive accelerator curriculum that pulls from Design Thinking, Lean Startup Methodology, and Agile to provide real, tactical founder training. Our curriculum & coaching can complement existing accelerator programming or serve as the primary program. We also offer individual workshops to cover topics for which you may not have a local mentor.


  • Lean Startup & Design Thinking
  • Customer Discovery Interviews 101
  • Lean Experiment Design
  • Startup Etiquette
  • Solution Testing
  • Negotiation Skills for Sales
  • Customer Acquisition Testing
  • Pricing & Growth Modeling
  • Back of the Napkin Financial Modeling
  • Lean Financial Modeling
  • Pitch Training and Coaching
Fractional Program Management

Sometimes, you just need a little help. Whether you need short-term assistance with recruiting teams for your application cycle, wrangling mentors or speakers for your program, or planning Demo Day, you need someone who can jump right in and knows what to do. We’re here to help!

  • Program Strategy and design
  • Marketing management
  • Cohort selection process
  • Program scheduling
  • Logistics during the program
  • Community management
  • Communication management
  • Demo Day planning
  • Off-season portfolio management

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Resources for Accelerators

You say Progress. I say Traction. What do we mean?

You say Progress. I say Traction. What do we mean?

Startupland was once an uncharted business frontier, but we now have our own satirical TV show. This “industry” is developed enough to have more fully-defined concepts that we can all rally around. It’s time we speak a common language for thinking about the very earliest, most nebulous stages of startup formation.

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Five questions for (very) early-stage founders

Five questions for (very) early-stage founders

If I asked you right now what your startup needs the most, I bet I could predict how you’d respond – “I need capital”. It’s the way almost every startup founder, at any stage, responds. I hear you, even if I don’t agree. Your startup is really nothing more than a big collection of assumptions around an identified problem and a possible solution. You need a roadmap for working through those assumptions efficiently, so you know you’re in the best position possible for success.

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I'm Beth McKeon, Director of Fluent.

I provide on-demand accelerator management and entrepreneurial program development consulting. Some of the programs I've worked with recently include Velocity Accelerator in Birmingham AL, Valley Venture Mentors in Springfield MA, and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department in Lincoln NE. Prior to this, I led NMotion in Lincoln NE and founded Kids Calendar, which I sold in 2017.

I combine my passion for product & business design with my education background to deliver hyper-targeted and customer-focused training and product/program development for accelerators, startup ecosystems, and entrepreneurs.

You can reach me at