September 23 – November 14, 2019 

Join an elite national cohort of growth-stage founders ready to springboard into their next 10x growth milestone.

The Fluent 10x Growth Accelerator is custom-designed to help you solve for your biggest growth challenges. What you can expect from our proven fully-remote program:

1 – Expert advice on how to kick out of operations mode and cut through the noise in favor of doubling-down on the most impactful actions you and your team can take. 

2 – A framework to guide you in designing fast, targeted experiments you and your team can run right now to test your riskiest assumptions and determine the best trajectory for your business.

3 – A step-by-step plan you develop for reaching your next 10x growth milestone that will bring you clarity and confidence.

4 – The best of both worlds: hyper-targeted, one-to-one coaching and support and a national network of growth-stage founders.

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This program is designed specifically for founders who have some traction and are ready to grow in a smart way. If you have graduated from an accelerator, have customers, and/or have raised capital, you know the pressure to grow and scale are even more intense at this stage. But the path forward may still seem unclear, despite everything you’ve tried and all of the advice you’ve received from mentors and experts.

There are not enough hours in the week to 10x your current effort, so you need to work smarter, not harder. You need to step out of founder-isolation to link up with a coach and a cohort in order to retool and refocus your strategy. The Fluent 10x Growth Accelerator can help. 

Program Format

Over eight weeks, you’ll receive intensive, one-to-one coaching to help identify the places your business model strategy needs clarification, additional testing, or a pivot. Our coaches will help you design fast experiments you can run to determine your best path forward. Additionally, in our peer mastermind groups, you’ll be matched with a small group of peers: entrepreneurs experiencing similar growth challenges. When you complete this program, you’ll have a clear path forward and a focused strategy for achieving that plan.

We are accepting applications from founders who have graduated from an accelerator, have earned revenue, and/or have already raised their first round of funding.

Program Schedule: September 23 – November 14

The Fluent 10x Growth Accelerator is fully remote. You can participate wherever you have a strong enough internet connection for video chat. Each week, you’ll have a one hour coaching call and one group Mastermind video chat with a small group of peers.  In addition to this 2 hour/week commitment, you will be encouraged to run experiments that will inform the strategy work you’ll be doing with your coach. These experiments are designed to be fast and lightweight, so you will definitely have time to continue operating your business while participating in this program. You should budget 1-3 hours a week to prepare and complete them. 

Check out our video below for a quick look at some of the simple to use and incredibly effective tools we will be using in your coaching sessions.

Every detail of this program has been developed and tested to produce results. There is no fluff or busy work. We know the time demands and pressure you’re under. That being said, we are available to you beyond the minimum required meetings. We even have a dedicated implementation coach to assist you, as a bonus option! Sometimes the path through the next breakthrough isn’t strategic, it’s execution. We’re here to help with that, too.

Coaching and mastermind group meetings will be scheduled prior to the start of the program, so you can reserve time on your calendar for the program.


Program Cost

We invite all interested founders to apply for a spot in our Fall 2019 program. Upon acceptance into the program, registration fees are due within two weeks to guarantee your spot.

Program Fee: $1800

Apply by September 8 (deadline extended!) to be eligible for the Early Bird rate of $1500. 

 Applications close on September 12, 2019.
Scholarships available – see below for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I apply?

If your company matches our eligibility requirements, we will contact you to set up an interview with our selection team. If there is a good alignment between the expected outcomes of this program and your goals, we will invite you to register for the program. Registration includes selecting your preferred day(s) for scheduling coaching and mastermind calls and paying the registration fee to reserve your spot.

When will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

We are accepting founders on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible so you can lock in your preferred schedule for coaching and mastermind calls. If this program is a good fit, you will receive an invitation to register within two weeks of applying.

How do scholarships work?

We are excited to be able to offer scholarship opportunities for this program! We are working with national partners to underwrite some or all of the costs associated with participating in this program. Every founder who applies and is invited to participate in the accelerator will be considered for a scholarship automatically, depending on eligibility.

Is there a Demo Day at the end of this program?

No. This program is 100% focused on helping you grow your business. We will not be working on pitching or fundraising. We love working on these skills, too, but they are beyond the scope of this program. Instead, expect to dive deep into the strategic direction of your business – how you will expand to new customer segments, new product lines, ways to generate additional revenue from current customers, tighten up your sales process or marketing funnel.

What happens after the program is over?

As with all Fluent-powered programs, you will be invited to participate in our Slack community for as long as you like. If your Mastermind group would like to continue to self-organize after the program completes, we encourage that continued peer support! We are also available for ongoing coaching and would be happy to discuss options.  

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About Fluent

Fluent is a national entrepreneurial training organization based in Denver, Colorado, that manages and facilitates accelerators in Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Alabama. Founders participating in our programs have used the Fluent methodology to raise capital ($9M+ so far) and land large corporate clients like Zillow, Alabama Power, and REI. Our team of coaches are startup founders who have worked with B2C, B2B, and e-commerce companies across the US since 2014.

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