Founder Coaching

What if you didn’t actually have to do all of the things?

What if you could reach a point where you confidently knew you were working on just the right things at the right time…and making even faster progress than you are now?

This is exactly what I teach the founders I work with in accelerators across the US.

And while the majority of my work with founders happens within the context of accelerator programs, not all founders want to go through a startup accelerator. Or maybe attending an accelerator isn’t the right fit or right time right now.

But all high performers benefit from working with a coach. Startup founders are some of the highest performing individuals I’ve ever met. The best all have coaches too.

And for the first time, I’m offering coaching directly to founders who want to bypass the accelerator model and focus completely on building their business, on their terms.

I work with a small group of founders directly, both in one-to-one coaching and small group masterminds.

You get the experience of working in an accelerator, without having to move for three months or give up equity.

Check out Mixtroz’s story in the video below to learn how Fluent helped them:

  • win $100K pitch competition and investment from Steve Case
  • prepare for their $1M seed round


Fluent coaching helps founders in several powerful ways:

  • I learn the ins and outs of your business and become a trusted thought partner as you make important strategic decisions.
  • I help you focus on the most important things, cutting through the noise of your to do list.
  • I help you move faster and smarter, so you can make the kind of progress you want to make before you run out of money, energy, or enthusiasm.
  • I connect you with other founders at the same stage as you, so you develop a deeply valuable network with colleagues around the US.

As a bonus, Fluent coaching includes all of the training and support I offer founders within my accelerator programs. Depending on what you want or need, we’ll cover Lean startup, design thinking, agile, and a wide range of startup building skills like financial modeling, sales and negotiation, fundraising prep, product management basics, and more. These trainings are available on demand and customized to match your needs.

Fluent Coaching Program Details


The magic of the Fluent program really is the one-on-one coaching you receive. In our weekly office hour sessions, I become a strategic thought partner who knows your business as well as you and can think through strategy and execution with you.

And while I’m a practitioner of yoga and meditation, there’s nothing woo-woo about my coaching style. My goal is to help you move fast and win. The founders I work with LOVE the fact that I regularly call bullshit when I see it and push them to face the hard and uncomfortable parts of their work in order to help them succeed.

Group Masterminds

Building a startup can be a lonely endeavor, whether you’re a pre-revenue solo founder or the CEO of a funded startup. When you join Fluent, you get matched with a small group of 4-7 founders who are at the exact same stage as you for regular group masterminds.

We  use these sessions to go deep on each founder’s business models and strategy and support each other mentally and emotionally. Our group masterminds are a powerful way to build a peer community that will support you through the rollercoaster of venture-building.

On Demand Workshops

At Fluent, I’m on a mission to help first-time founders build startups like a serial entrepreneur. There’s a LOT of content online to teach you how to build a startup. I’ve taken the best of the best, tested it with hundreds of founders, and developed a series of workshops that get you exactly what you need – practical steps to move fast and build a strong, resilient business that matches your goals.

All Fluent workshops are offered on demand. As a Fluent founder, you’ll have access to exactly what you need, when you need it.

Beth is the rare kind of human that can quickly become as interested and invested in your success as you are. Not many people in the world will confront your baseline notions of reality and help you find the right path, simultaneously. Beth is one such person and I am thankful that she is not only a mentor but a friend.

Zach Davy


We were building a plane and flying it at the same time. Fluent gave us our pilot’s license. We now see we’ll be able to go further faster because of that repeatable process that we have learned.

Kerry Schrader


Occasionally, people disrupt your personal life or career in a major way and set you on a path of radically new brainwaves. Beth McKeon is one of those people for me… She made me believe in myself, she made me dig deep and bring out more than I thought possible. Because of her, I am much more confident and further along in my business than I would have been right now. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt.

Rich Kronfeld

Kronfeld Motors

You taught me that nothing is impossible, to be a confident woman in the world of business, to be efficient and move fast, how to dare greatly, and to go out and change something if I see a need, to solve big problems. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to grow and the encouragement to become a startup founder.

Brenna Backemeyer

My Pop-Up Shoppe

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About Beth

I am an entrepreneur and educator. The majority of my time, I consult with accelerators, helping with program design, curriculum, and founder coaching. Most recently, I served as Managing Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Venture Valley Mentors in Springfield, MA. I’ve also served as Managing Director for the Velocity Accelerator in Birmingham, AL and NMotion Accelerator in Lincoln, NE.

Prior to managing accelerators, I founded Kids Calendar, a startup serving local families in five cities across the US, which I sold in 2017.

In a prior life, I have also been an educator and professional development coach, helping individuals and teams for over 12 years experience in the private and public sector. Throughout my career in education, my work focused on personalized, responsive instruction and interactive, hands-on content. I received my Master’s degree from Columbia University in 2005.

Today, I combine my passion for product & business design with my education background to deliver hyper-targeted and customer-focused training and product/program development for accelerators, startup ecosystems, and entrepreneurs.

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