Do you need a little break?

Do you need a little break?

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Hustle and Fire

I was catching up with a close friend and very successful entrepreneur yesterday, and she shared how unproductive she has felt for the past few weeks. She was still getting the basics accomplished each day, taking care of customers etc, but also spending a lot of time on fun stuff like checking out new music and bingeing on Netflix.

My response?

You must have needed it.

And I’ve said this enough, to her and about myself, at various times over the years, it’s almost a life motto.

We often feel like we have to be super productive all of the time. Work 12-14 hour days every day. Hustle. That may be the story of entrepreneurship. And there are definitely times when that kind of focus and energy is needed.

But sometimes, we need to slow things down as well. And if we hit a point where we just can’t motivate ourselves to do the work we love, there’s probably a good reason. Maybe the thing we’re trying to push forward isn’t quite ready yet. Maybe it’s not the right thing. Or maybe, like my friend, we just need a little break.


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