Irrational, but predictable

Irrational, but predictable

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Hustle and Fire

In a recent post, I wrote that humans are irrational, but predictable. This is one of my favorite sayings.

Because it’s true!

This is the basic reason we need to talk to customers before, during, and throughout the process of creating solutions and products.

We can assume all day long that we know exactly why a customer would need our product, but people are irrational. Sometimes, they buy one solution over another because of the color or shape of the product. Sometimes, a fractional difference in price makes a big difference. Sometimes, it’s just where the buy button is placed on the screen or which shelf the product gets placed on.

Sometimes, we think customers have a problem (because we observe them struggling), but the customers don’t experience it as a problem at all.

The good news is that while we may be irrational, we’re fairly predictable. We’ll be irrational in ways that can be observed, measured, and optimized. This is great for entrepreneurs who prioritize talking to customers early and often.

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