It’s all personal development

It’s all personal development

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Hustle and Fire

I met with a senior leader at a very well-funded startup in Chicago yesterday.  She shared some of the challenges she faces now that the company has grown exponentially in the past year. At the core of the challenges: how to develop and keep a startup culture in the face of rapid growth. Plus, she is tasked with developing and supporting new, first-time managers who also want to help develop their teams.

So she is thinking about bringing in some motivational speakers to talk about personal development topics. And maybe throw some fun parties.

I don’t think these old tricks work anymore. Maybe they never did.

We don’t develop personally or professionally when we listen to a lecture or inspiring speech.  This kind of growth happens in the field, in the face of challenge.

The task of leaders of fast-growing startups is to help our teams rise to these challenges, to feel safe making mistakes and trying things that might not work.  To know that startups are this special place where personal development – how you grow and develop as a person – IS professional development. 

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