Listen, then sell

Listen, then sell

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Hustle and Fire

So you get an opportunity to pitch your product to someone important at a big company. It’s your first time meeting them and you want to make the most of your big chance. What should you do? Should you put together a slick presentation?

I think the stronger approach is to go in and interview him or her to find out what their goals and motivations are. What problem can you solve for them with this?

If you don’t know that before the meeting, you could end up trying to sell them on an idea they don’t care about or try solving a problem they don’t have. If you start by trying to understand their point of view first, you can craft how you talk about your “solution” in terms that resonate with his goals. And if you give them confidence that you’ve really listened to their problems and are working hard to find solutions, I promise they’ll give you another meeting.

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