Two years of growth in 90 days

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Hustle and Fire

The best accelerators operate on two levels – business development and founder development.

The person you were the day before starting an accelerator isn’t the same person you will be called toward during the three months of intense work, experimentation, feedback, success, and failure. If you are the same person at the end of the three months, you didn’t do it right.

If you come into an accelerator very product-focused, you’ll probably be challenged to get out and talk to customers, sell your vision (in pursuit of traction, revenue, early hires etc). If you have been bootstrapping and wearing all hats, you’ll be called upon to expand into a new role as CEO who can recruit and lead a team, and more importantly, delegate and focus on CEO tasks.

Why does this matter? How do I know this is true?

Because if you are going to lead a company that makes two years of progress in 90 days, you personally have to level up as a leader, startup founder, and human being at the same pace. Otherwise, you won’t be the right person to lead your own company at Demo Day.

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