Work is play

Work is play

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Hustle and Fire

I used to host a big community event for families with lots of hands-on activities. And after each event, I’d look through the photos we’d taken to find the gems we could use to market the next year’s event. I was looking for pictures of kids with wide, bright smiles, laughing and joyous.

Instead, I had hundreds of photos of kids deep in concentration as they drew pictures, tried to fish a monkey out of a barrel, hop in a straight line, or make sure their balloon on a stick hit their brother’s head just right. They looked like they were working.

I almost never found photos of kids smiling. Often, their brows were furrowed, working hard at whatever “play” they were engaged in.

And that when I realized that for kids, play¬†is work. And I think this should be true for us too. My best, more favorite work is when I get lost in the flow as well. These days, that looks a lot more like a spreadsheet or an article I’m writing or lately, learning to create the world’s most perfectly designed pie graph. But it’s still play.

Our best work feels a lot like play, if we’re lucky.

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