Fluent Founder Roadmap

by | Oct 18, 2018

The Fluent Founder Roadmap is the foundation of all work we do at Fluent. There is a huge amount of variability amongst “early-stage” startups, so we developed this Roadmap to define the stages of development from idea to growth/scale. The Fluent Founder Roadmap can be utilized by founders to narrow their focus, identify their riskiest assumptions, and move fast. It can also be used by individuals and organizations that help founders to organize programs, trainings, and stage-specific support. This document is a work in progress and changes over time. Have questions or suggestions for how it can be helpful for you? Send an email to Beth McKeon at beth@fluentstudio.co. Click here to download a PDF version. The Fluent Founder Roadmap is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Please use and share it widely with attribution.